Laura Shea Souza is a freelance writer whose essays on motherhood, mothers and daughters, and relationships of all kinds, have appeared in The Boston Globe; The Boston Globe Magazine; NPR/WBUR’s Cognoscenti forum, where she is a featured contributor; and in a variety of other online and print publications.

Laura is also an award-winning communications professional with extensive experience in public relations strategy and execution in a variety of industries including technology and higher education.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Laura! I just read your Mom, Ours Forever. I was so moved by the last line. I thought it was beautiful. I’m so lucky to still have my Mom. I’m 57 and she’s 92. I’m sorry you lost your Mom. Thank you for your wonderful essay!

  2. Hello, Laura. I am a writer and editor in Newton (profile on Wikipedia if you’re interested) who read your “Parenting, Act 1” piece in the Globe Magazine, and was very touched by it. I read it aloud to my wife as she was cooking dinner. Our 14-year-old daughter, enmeshed in “Act 2” of the drama you so beautifully describe, came in from the next room to sample more directly what she was hearing. Thank you.

  3. I love you were open to your mom-in-law’s revelation of feeling the presence of your mom. Many would be wigged out by the wooey-ness of it, yet I know energy of others passed exists in our presence today. It sure makes life warmer and acceptance more accessible.

  4. Hi Laura,
    I just posted your essay from 2013 “Mom, Ours Forever”. I have been carrying that essay in my wallet since I first read it in 2013. I’ll never forget driving with my husband & reading your essay aloud…until I broke down in tears at the near end of your story. So powerful…so moving…so true. Thank you!
    PS…I used to live in Stow on Lake Boone!

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